The Count’s Daughter TOC

The Count’s Daughter is an OP Reincarnater



Count’s daughter Emil Vorst 13 years old, was participating in an end-year party for first-year students. After the party because of an accident she remembered about her previous life. After that she tried to enjoy living in a fantasy world with magic power that didn’t exist in her previous life, but….


Volume 1

  1. Under the Tree of Truth
  2. Academy’s Infirmary Room
  3. Magic Practice Room
  4. Student Counseling Room
  5. Teachers’ Agony
  6. Splurging Before Return Home
  7. In The Back Alley
  8. Home
  9. Fiance Candidate

3 thoughts on “The Count’s Daughter TOC

  1. This looks interesting, thanks for translating this, there were some japanese novels that looks like no one translating them bit covers look interesting, sadly I don’t know japanese & don’t know if I can link titles to here in comments. If I can, I try to look for them again since it’s been a while & I only remember what title looks like & no clue what’s it called.


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