Chapter 7 In The Back Alley

Author note:  From this point onward, without prior notice a harsh representation and character, such as R15 elements will be used.



    While suppressing my voice I slowly enter the alley. Cecillia tried to stop me but I can’t ignore my curiosity to look at a cliche setting that usually shows up in a novel or a game. The voices gradually get clearer so I stopped right before the corner.


“This damn brat! Don’t start getting cocky!!”

“Seriously. Even though you’re just a weakling, if you just do as we said you wouldn’t need to experience this you know.”

“Gu….. kaha!!”


    I heard a male’s shouting and a male’s faint laughing, and probably groaning from someone who’s getting assaulted. I quickly grab Cecillia’s hand and return to the main street.


“Cecillia, quickly call the guards for me.”

“Yes! Certainly. … Emil-sama will go together with me right?”

“I will return to that place, I have to know what exactly happened there.”

“Wha!? I can’t allow it!! It’s too dangerous!”

“Just go! Do you want that child to die!?”


    I still don’t know who the one who’s getting attacked is, but the voice sounds like a child. If I can I want to help, that’s what I thought, although my real intention is that I don’t want to miss this chance to use magic.

    After that I pushed Cecillia’s back and return to the alley. I use my cane that I just bought and a skewer from the grilled skewers as my weapons, the cane was wrapped in a black cloth because it has quite the appearance after all. I return to the same corner from not long ago. The sounds of shouting and groaning from before still can be heard.  When I slowly peek around the corner, there are 4 men and 1 dog in clothes was laid down on the ground and then, one of the men’s eyes meets mine.


“Oi, what are you looking at? This is not for show. Pay if you want to watch.”


    When he said that while grinning, simultaneously all the others man were looking at me. All the men’s attire was so gaudy that they reminded me of ruffians that usually appear in V-Shine from my previous life. I don’t feel like running so I show myself.


“Hyuu~ ♪isn’t it some Ojou-chan we have here.”

“Waa, It seems we’re really lucky today.”

“Abduct Ok, Sell OK.”

“Hahaha, it’s okay if we play with her too.”


    Aren’t those some cliche lines there!!? It’s really like in some TV drama, I’m almost smirking there but animal abuse is no good, absolutely!


“It’s not good to abuse an animal! Release that dog immediately!”


    I try to imitate a certain maid-san, they don’t know where the parody come from so there’s no tsukkomi. But they just come closer while grinning. In this region they considered someone as an adult when they become 15 years old, a 13 years old girl is still a child and there’s no way they can win against an over 20 years old man in power.

Usually, that is.


“Stop. I don’t care what would happen to you if you ignore my warning.”


    I take the cane from my back and hold it forward in exaggerated move. I don’t want the cane to be seen so I keep the cloth like that. With this if they still come closer then I just need to attack them with magic.


“Is this girl a magician?”


    One of the man said that and all of them stop with a twitch.


“Don’t care! Just get her before she finish the chant!!”


    While saying that one of the man tried to strike me with a fist.




    The man fell down with a plop like his strings have been cut when I finish the short chant.

Uwaaa~ face first. That seems to be hurt. Anyway, the faint magic is a success! Game knowledge is really wonderful. I made the other trembling men faint too with <Stun> magic.

    When I was done with them, I approached the dog. The dog was only kicked when it attacked so its blood has not gone out so much. I use <Scan> to check its condition. Bone fractures at several places, there are some parts of the bones that struck internal organs too. Pitiful…. Seriously what nerve they had to torment an animal. Making them faint as punishment is not enough. It’s very regrettable that I still can’t control my magic. I don’t want to be a murderer yet.

    I give the dog a <Heal> and check it again with <Scan> but it’s still not good. Bruises on the skin and bone fractures can be healed but the wound on internal organs can’t be healed. Maybe apart from skin and bone, the way I imagine it when casting <Heal> was different when I used it to heal internal organ. If I was a doctor in my previous life I might be able to do better than this.

However, it’s frustrating if I give up here. Healing magic is very important magic because it affects life and death, it is a must to have 1 person with Healer job in a party, it’s very convenient if I can use it too…

I was thinking about something while patting the dog’s head.


“That’s it!”


A small light bulb was flashing on top of my head! The flesh, what if I just rewind the damaged part to before it was damaged, isn’t it going to solve the problem!? The present exists because there is a past, I just have to rewind time until right before it was attacked. And while at it let’s try some experiments.


“<Rollback Heal>”


    I chant the magic toward the sleeping dog, suddenly a gear-like magic circle appear and there’s a needle like a clock in the middle of it turning reverse. It’s has an effect like in a game, somehow it’s cool. My Chuuni heart was tickled.

When the effect was gone I used <Scan> and checked the dog again, the internal organs were completely healed. I’m so glad.


“Are you okay?”


    I put the cane on my back and tried to talk to the dog but it’s still not waking up. It was breathing so I don’t think it is dead, let’s pat it. Its fur is slightly stiff but when touching it, it’s not so bad. Cecillia and the guards have not come yet, and because it’s been a long time since I’ve played with a dog I decided to enjoy it while the dog is still sleeping. I keep patting from the head to the back, and because it’s still not enough I bury my face under the neck and smell it. It has a dog’s smell, but I don’t hate it. And if I had to say it, I even smelled the inside of the ear too.


I-It’s not like I have a fetish in a smell okay!


Even so this dog, why is it wearing clothes? And when I check it again there’s a bag like a waist pouch on its hips. Even those ruffians called this dog a brat, why did they not call it a beast or something? Is this some kind of common sense in a different world?


“Emil-sama, are you okay?”


    Cecillia who was running out of breath came back with some guards.


“Ee, I am okay. There’s no problem.”

“Tte, What is…. this?”

“I made them faint with magic. I don’t know when they will wake up so it should be better to take them now.”


    After I said that to Cecillia and the guards, some of the guards start to tie them up with a rope and take them away.


“I am the Captain of 18th Guard Platoon, Howl.”

“I am the Vice-Captain, Fan.”

“My name is Emil Vorst, this maid’s name is Cecillia.”


    Two of the guards come forward and introduce themselves, I reply to them by introducing myself and Cecillia.


“An aristocrat….”

Howl muttered while looking at my attire.


“Tell me the situation.”

“I heard a sound from which it seemed like some trouble was occurring in the alley. From the sound I heard it seemed like a couple of men were assaulting a child so I told Cecillia to go to your place. I made sure to keep lookout so they could not escape, but I was found out so I made them faint with magic, the child…. No, it’s a dog, after that I gave a treatment to the dog.”


    Even though Howl knows I’m an aristocrat he still talked to me with a haughty attitude. I was somewhat angry, but it seems like around this area there are lots of fighting scenes occuring so they probably can’t handle it well.


“Ano, Emil-sama. This dog… though I’m not really sure how to call it, isn’t this a Juujin?!”

“E?! They exist? This dog is a Juujin? Not just a dog in a clothes?Don’t Juujin usually have a body like a human and moe animal ears and a tail?!”

“Emil-sama, I don’t know what are you talking about but Juujin can change their appearance to human and animal.”

“Etto, so you mean this dog is wearing  clothes because it is a Juujin….?”

“Yes. Though there are some pets that get dressed up, it’s only some of the upper-class people who do that, but it is only for a small pet, I never saw a big pet like this get dressed up.”

“Seriously….?” (TL note : written in katakana here, マジか.)

“Serious… ly?” (TL note : written in here hiragana here, まじか.)

“A, no, it is nothing.”


    My thoughts slipped out there. It’s hard to keep being a Lady. And the guards’ gazes hurt.


“Is your talk over? This is certainly a Juujin. We will take care of it from here. Fan”

“Yes, Captain.”


    Fan put the dog, no…. the Juujin on her shoulder and returned to the main street.


“I will have you two to come along too, I want to hear the detailed situation”

“I just explained the whole situation a while ago. There is nothing for me to explain anymore. Between those men and the Juujin, I can’t clearly tell who’s the one who started the dispute. I will leave it to Captain-sama to handle it.”

“Wha!? You don’t want to cooperate!?”

“I stopped the dispute, healed the injury, explained the situation. Is that still not enough for me as an aristocrat to cooperate there? I am quite busy, we will take our leave from here. Cecillia, let’s return.”

“Yes, Emil-sama.”


    It’s troublesome so I don’t want to go to the guard station. I successfully stopped the Captain by showing my authority as an aristocrat while I spoke like a Lady.

Did Cecillia know what I intended to? She readily obeyed me with an attitude as a maid more than usual.  Although she is cute, she is a very capable person.

When I glance at the Captain, Giri~ he was holding his anger by grinding his teeth. A young girl said that with a haughty attitude, of course he will be angry. He somehow really hates aristocrats. I leave that place while pretending not see him.



    The next day, Cecillia told me the details she learned about yesterday’s disputes.

When the Juujin want to go out shopping, those ruffians extorted money from him but he wanted to resist them and that’s where he got beaten. It’s just an everyday situation that always happening at the old town. Seems like those ruffians was got released on bail today. Incomprehensible.

Thanks to my treatment the Juujin was unhurt, and when he awoke,  was he surprised or not? But I’m really glad he’s okay. We probably wouldn’t be meeting again so I hope you live in good health.

    Now then, from now on it’s going to take 4 days until we reach home by carriage. There is only anxiety when I think about meeting my family…..


1 . V-Shine/V-Cinema. Searching about them in google, all i found was a Yakuza on some movie covers.
2. Juujin. Human-Beast.

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  2. sigh, I love novels like this, but they always have two of the worst offenses in fiction I have seen.
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    2) having skills or abilities that one does not have any ability to use. This is key with the magic in this chapter. like how someone that never was able to use magic (both people since earth has no magic as far as I know) and somehow is able to use magic that is in games. Like if they could have just used thought to make someone stop moving, why is their not more people able to do this since it would be NORMAL in this world.

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