Chapter 6 Splurging Before Return Home

When I just returned from the academy to the dorm, I was scolded by Cecillia.

Cecillia who is 5 years older than me has smooth wavy milk-tea colored long hair that neatly gathered behind her head, and she has drop-shaped eyes that are light brown in colour, a lovely Onee-san. And that lovely Onee-san currently has a blood-vein on her forehead while she’s bending the upper half of her body forward facing me, this is the first time I’m seeing her like this.  

She is usually calm, so when I saw her angry like this, it was scary. But, I was somehow happy because that means that she cares for me.

“Emil-sama, we will be departing from here in two days. We will return to the mansion at Ulmerk Territory so please make some preparations.”


To Cecillia’s sudden bombshell, I accidentally let out a gasp.

In response to my unusual reaction Cecillia tilted her head.

Certainly, she told me about preparations to return home this morning, but isn’t it just too early? To tell the truth I don’t want to go home, but after that accident we have a long period holiday so that means I can’t not to go home….

“Emil-sama, you have somehow changed after that incident.”

“Is that so?…. Well, maybe I changed a little.”

It seems like to Cecillia it’s not an accident but an incident.

Perhaps the real “Me” will shows up more frequently from now on so I gave a confirmation to Cecillia. I want to get along well with Cecillia from now on and if possible I wish that she is able to accept the real me. Is it slightly impudent of me I wonder?

Let’s leave it for now, before returning home there are still a lot of things that I want to do!

First comes getting a cane to use magic, even without a cane I can still use magic but it can be used as blunt weapon, or I can sit on it and use it as a magic broom like a witch….. well it looks like that’d hurt so let’s just hold on it and fly into the sky.  And I still haven’t tried a magic for flying yet. Now that I’ve come to think of it, I still haven’t seen people flying, is warping more popular I wonder?

And after that come commoner’s clothes that are made from cloth! The Academy’s uniform and Noble’s clothes are stand out too much at downtown. They can be used to travel incognito so they are indispensable! I can completely turn into a commoner!!! Tte I’m a commoner inside, so it’s probably my true nature.

“Nee Cecillia. I want to go out shopping tomorrow, can I?”

“Yes, of course! Please leave the arrangements for the carriage to me.”

“Thank you, please do.”

Cecillia returns a smile to me when I smile. So cute! I want to hug her!

As had been promised yesterday, I’m going to the Royal Capital’s commercial district together with Cecillia. Today I’m wearing a dark-green one-piece dress with long sleeves with a cuff around it and a hat, they’re just plain clothes, but I sense a few glances around me so I might stand out a little. By the way there are no guards escorting us so I have to be careful.

The first store I went to is the cane store. There are cane stores in the academy too so in the Royal Capital there should be a more advanced line-up, because I couldn’t use magic until now I never needed a cane and I have never entered the stores too.

When I entered the store and looked around there were canes varying from short 30cm canes to 2 meter long canes, each with a varying type and length being showcased around the store.


“Welcome, are you looking for something?”

Perhaps because my behavior was suspicious, while I was looking around restlessly with my mouth open the clerk greeted me.

Un, if I were the clerk I would do the same too.

“I am looking for a cane that has high durability and can be used as a blunt weapon, do you have it?”

“Blu-blunt weapon is it? Then a metal type cane would be better. I will go look for it so please wait a minute.”

Is it because I said blunt weapon? Cecillia who was beside me was looking at me with reproachful gaze. You see, isn’t it better to be prepared just in case of an emergency? It is right? right?? Yes it is! And that’s what I told Cecillia, but she didn’t quite get it.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

The clerk put a few canes with different colors and shapes on the counter. Each of them seems to have different uses, I don’t know which one I should choose. After all this is the first time I’m buying a cane personally. Let’s hear an opinion from the pro first.

“Ano, this is the first time I’m buying a cane so…. etto, are there any canes that only choose its own owner?”

The clerk was like “Ah this girl heard too many fairytales.” while looking at me with a lukewarm gaze.

Un, I know. There’s no way such an Intelligent Weapon exists.

“Did you mean a weapon that has an affinity that’s compatible with the owner? If that’s the case then there is a weapon like that, but it is a very valuable weapon so even we in this store have never seen it before. As soon as it was discovered, it was taken and put in an armory that’s managed by people from the Royal Palace.”

“Is that so. Thank you very much for telling me.”

I know right~~ I almost unintentionally said that.

But if it really exists then is it possible for me to obtain it I wonder?

Nope, no way. There’s no way I can just enter an armory that’s managed by people from the Royal Palace, and I don’t think I will be chosen by the weapon too. For now let’s go with what I can get first.

I bought a cane after consulting with the clerk. It cost 5 gold coins, in Japan it’s about 50.000 Yen I guess. My personal savings were gone just in a minute. Even though I am a Noble Lady, I don’t have an allowance that can be wasted because I’m hated by the head family. At the tip of the cane there is a buffalo’s skeleton pointing it’s horn forward, and it was designed in great detail until its ribs. Inside the ribs, there is a magic stone placed at the center with the Darkness magic attribute. Of course I paid for that too.

From the outside it sure looks ominous, it was colored in silver and quite shiny, and for the grip it used some kind of rubber rolled on it for anti-skid.  Swing OK, Hit OK. Looking at Cecillia’s eyes she seemed to want to say something but I activated the Ignoring Skill.

After that we went to the downtown area that’s filled with stores that are selling accessories and clothes for males and females. A shopkeeper was giving a doubtful glance to my attire, but I said it was a present from my servant and he started to ignore it.

I came to this area incognito to look for some clothes. I want some male clothes, especially a trouser, it will be easy to move around in it. Because I don’t want to wear a long skirt while going on an adventure.

After that I felt quite hungry so I bought a grilled skewer and ate it while walking. Cecillia had this super scary face while looking at me, scary. I might get scolded later. Well, a Lady will never do something like eating while walking right. Somehow people around were looking at me. It was embarrassing so I quickly ran to a small alley and finished the grilled skewer with one bite.

The flavor was strong, the oil trickled down, what a supreme taste!

“………… !”


“………… !”

For some reason it was very noisy in the alley, I want to go take a look there but I feel like it would only bring trouble to me. But peeping a little is okay right?

15 thoughts on “Chapter 6 Splurging Before Return Home

    1. more then getting stupid its more like they stop caring about certain things, like noble dignity, and because they were raised as commoners in their first life (plus they were either otaku or read a lot of fantasy books)


  1. thank you—-!
    well, her getting attention is worrying. but i like her travelling incognito! anyway, she’s got super magical power, so she’s safe, no?


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