Chapter 5 Teachers’ Agony

TL note : Changed Smight to Smith here.


“Oi Ron, Edi, are you both okay?”

  Just after Emil left the Magic Lab, Smith called these two who still sat on the ground.

“Ee, no problem.”

“… I’m, okay.”

“Well, let’s begin the clean up then. It’s bad if we didn’t do it right? What a pain…”

“It is so, first let’s begin with summarizing the damage in this Lab. We have to write a report about this too.”

Ron took out a pen and memo from his pocket.

Fortunately, the damage in the Lab is just the target that already became splinters everywhere. The Lab condition was still just like it was before they used it.

After that Ron and Edi checked the barrier’s condition.

Because Smith only has a little knowledge about magic, he’s just loitering around the Lab.

As for the result there are only 2 layers of the barrier remaining in the Lab, more accurately only 1 layer of the barrier was fine while the other one was damaged.

“We need to prepare some specialists….”

    Ron muttered quietly.

As a teacher in charge of magic instruction, he is able to strengthen the barrier but it is much better to leave it to an expert in this field.

One should go to the expert for better results.

    After that they headed to the Magic Practice’s room number 2.

While on the way, Smith said

“You know, I don’t really know anything about magic so can I return first?”

“No, I’ll make sure we check it together.”

He was reproved by his junior, Ron.

Linking both of his hands behind his head, Smith followed Ron and Edi unwillingly from behind.

 “It is indeed a disastrous scene when you’re seeing it again.”

   When they come back to the Magic Practice’s room number 2 and open the door, they saw countless cut-like scratches inside the room.

Was the target damaged to splinters or was it cut to splinters by the wind, it can’t be distinguished anymore.

It’s probably both. That is the conclusion from Ron and Edi.

“In spite of these many scratches in this room, there aren’t any wounds on Jou-chan’s body even though she was blown away too.”

“I think it’s strange too. Usually when magic is invoked, the caster will received same influence from the magic too.”

「そうですね。私もおかしいと思っています。通常魔法を使った場合、本人にも魔法の影響が出ます」 (TL note : not really sure here.)

“N? What do you mean?”

“For example, when fire magic was used and we were surrounded inside the flame we will get burnned right?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Yes, It is obvious. The other person will get burned if they were surrounded inside the flame. But, this time there aren’t any injuries on her. This is what I can think of,

  1. She was protected by a barrier.
  2. She tempered the magic to not influence her.
  3. She possess a magic item to prevent the damage.

Around these three I guess? I thought about a super-recovery magic too, but because there isn’t any damage on her clothes I think it’s different this time.”

“I think it’s not number 1, she didn’t receive any injuries but she was blown away by the shockwave. It’s not, number 3 either…. I didn’t sense any magic item…”

“I guess so. So is it number 2…? I can’t say anything about this because I’ve never seen it before.”

   Edi moderately stated his opinions to Smith and Ron. After having investigated the room, they locked the door and returned to the staff office.

“Aaa so tired…”

“After this we have to write a report too. Smith-sensei can you write down some data about her? Please write about when she was in the class you’re in charge of. I was in charge of her Magic Practical Skill class so I will write a report about it. Edi-sensei please collect more information about Tornado magic.”

“… Yes.”

The youngest Ron took charge and they started to work.

Each of them start to write a report for what they have been assigned to and as a result when they finished the moon already shone in the night sky.

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23 thoughts on “Chapter 5 Teachers’ Agony

  1. Google translate says 「そうですね。私もおかしいと思っています。通常魔法を使った場合、本人にも魔法の影響が出ます」 is “I agree. I also thought it strange. If you use an ordinary magic, also it can affect the magic in person”


    1. MC barely done anything yet though. She just wakes up > Reject an idiot > try using magic > use too much power, that’s all that happen so far.


  2. “Hmm, it seems that a completely untrained teenager has suddenly manifested the ability to create disaster-level magics, but doesn’t have the knowledge or technique to competently stop the magic she invokes, nor the wisdom and experience to understand when to use magic or what responsible magic use even looks like. Well, then the course of action to take here is obvious! We should immediately start cleaning the room and filing the paperwork! Oh, and just to be safe, let’s give the extremely volatile and unsure teenager a vague warning and some instructions that she is not trained enough to understand. Teenagers are famous for their willingness to act cautiously and responsibly when you leave them to their own devices, after all.”

    Feh. These three teachers need to fired for their utter ignorance of the common sense of the world. This girl is a ticking time bomb, and until they install the educational equivalent of an arming switch and trigger guard, she should be monitored by people who can stop her from becoming a danger to herself and others. But instead, they send her off with a warning to not accidentally do the same thing that she has already accidentally done twice.

    “Whatever you do, don’t do a tornado again. Instead make sure you only do other types of magic that isn’t a tornado.” Brilliant! Because as we all know, a tornado is the only dangerous thing that could possibly be created with magic!

    tl;dr version: I just facepalmed so hard that my fingers are touching the inside of the back of my skull.


  3. 「そうですね。私もおかしいと思っています。通常魔法を使った場合、本人にも魔法の影響が出ます」

    sou desu ne. Watashi mo okashii to omotteimasu. tsuujou mahou wo tsukatta baai, honnin nimo mahou no eikyou ga demasu

    It’s a bit mechanical but this is a bit more literal of the translation than localized so it’s up to you how you wanna localize it I broke up the sentence logic is you wanna actually see it:

    sou desu ne(usually an agreement, which is more like “That is so isn’t it”)
    That is so Isn’t it.
    watashi(I) mo(also) okashii(strange/weird) to omotteimasu( am/is Thinking).
    I also am thinking it is weird/strange.
    [tsuujou(usual) mahou(magic) wo tsukatta(used) ] modifies-> baai[case/situation]
    The usual case of using magic.
    honnin(of himself/herself) nimo( of also involving/regarding particle) mahou(magic) no eikyou(influence) ga demasu(will come out).
    Even the person himself/herself will be affected/involved when the magic influence comes out.

    Honestly, it kinda feels weird the way it’s written on the last part… But it can be interpreted as:
    Even the person themselves will be affected when the magic influence comes out. This is due to the nimo にも <- part being directed at honnin from 魔法の影響…

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    1. 「そうですね。私もおかしいと思っています。通常魔法を使った場合、本人にも魔法の影響が出ます」

      Honestly this is how I understood it.

      「You’re right, I think that’s strange too. In usual circumstances when magic is used, it usually affects the invoker as well.」


  4. thanks a lot!
    this trio of teachers is really interesting! i love it, y’all! oooohh! and they all sound like really good teachers! amazing!


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