Chapter 4 Student Counseling’s Room

TL note : Just some heads up.

In this chapter Ron-sensei said a tornado that is written in katakana トルネード, while in chapter 3 and this chapter Emil said tornado that is written in kanji 竜巻 which is have meaning as Waterspout too. So for now i’m gonna change Emil’s tornado magic to Waterspout.

After think about it again i guess Waterspout is categorized as water magic so i’m gonna change it back to Tornado



There is a desk between me and Ron-sensei, beside the desk was Smith-sensei. Edi-sensei was sitting at a desk near the door behind me. Seems like Edi-sensei took a position as a recorder. I returned the key for the Magic Practice Room.


“So, how can you explain about that Wind magic? And from what I remember you shouldn’t be able to use magic. Please explain about it too.”


Is it because a student who has magical power but can’t use magic was rare?

Ron-sensei was frowning when I started explaining.


“I was using an image about wind rotating from the ground and swallowing everything around it while it keeps increasing the speed and altitude at the same time. I was not neglecting my practice at magic even when I knew I can’t use magic. Today before I returned home I borrowed the Magic Practice Room to do some practice, and that was where I used magic for the first time. After that I tried some magic that was not listed in the textbook and, that is how I used the Wind magic that I just explained.”

“…. A Wind magic that is rotating while it goes upward. Isn’t that Tornado!? But, for a person that is using magic for the first time to invoke it, it’s just…. ”


Ron-sensei suddenly stood up while placing both hands on the desk and started to mutter something.

Come to think of it, a Tornado(竜巻) can be called Tornado(トルネード) too! Or rather, there is a magic for Tornado huh. Even though it’s not in the textbook, too bad it can’t become my original magic.


“Is it a rare magic?”

“That is so. It’s quite a risky magic so we can’t just teach it to the students. In case it’s a Magician Guild member then it’s not strange if some of them knew it, but the magical power consumption is just too intense so there are only a few people who can use it.”


Ron-sensei answered Smith-sensei’s question seriously.

Fumu, it sounds like an advanced class magic. I think it’s better to not use a magic that can easily change the weather just like that.


“If the magic you used was Tornado, then it’s not strange for the barrier to be destroyed. But, why did you use a Tornado magic?”

“Even if sensei asked why, I’m quite troubled. I just invoked a magic like what I imagined it to be.”


I answered Ron-sensei who keep asking questions. It’s not like I don’t understand how you feel, but you are so persistent. It’s already past noon, Cecillia might start to get worried if I don’t return now.


“I, it’s not good if I do not return now, may I excuse myself? The maid might get worried if I return late.”

“Wait. Please show that magic. After confirming it we won’t mind for you to return.”

“Ron! Are you going to allow that dangerous magic to be used?!”

“We can’t leave it without confirming it first, this time I and Edi-sensei are here so there won’t be any problem for the safety measures.”

“You will be fine with this too right?”


I nod unwillingly.

Seems like we are going to use the Magic Lab. There’re a lot more magic barriers in there than in the Magic Practice room and it’s also easy to move around because the room is really wide.

The teachers started making the preparations when we arrived at the Magic Lab. Because Smith-sensei looked like he had some free time, I tried to start a conversation with him.


“Smith-sensei, are there any penalties for breaking a Magic Practice room?”

“N? Well, none. Usually, there aren’t any cases where all the barriers are broken. Besides the problem lay with the barrier that got broken.”

“Is that so, I am so relieved.”


Smith-sensei smiled widely at my reply. Although he was strict while in class he is a good teacher.

After a while Ron-sensei and Edi-sensei returned.


“Thank you for waiting. Please release the magic at that target.”


Like that I nod at Ron-sensei while he pointed at the target.

Because I didn’t have a cane I point my right hand at the target and start the chant.


“O windstorm swallow everything, Tornado!”



Just like in the Magic Practice room, together with the rumbled ground a wind vortex started to swallow the target and suddenly the wind vortex started taking the form of a Tornado until it reached the ceiling in the blink of an eye.

It was somewhat dull when I compared it with a Tornado that came down from the sky to the ground, the Tornado steadily got bigger and it seems like the barrier and the Tornado collided at the ceiling. Just like that time, I started to hear cracking sounds.


“This is bad! Edi-sensei the barrier!!”

“… Yes!”


Ron-sensei and Edi-sensei started to restore a barrier that almost broke, but the restoration speed can’t be compared with the Tornado power.


“This is not good”


After saying that Smith-sensei was hugging me to protect me.

Sniff~ Sniff~

A sweat and perfume smell blended together.



Other-world service is way too excessive.


“Kuuu, Emil Vorst! Stop your magical power supply!!”



Ron-sensei was shouting while restoring the barrier.

Magical Power Supply? What is that? Hasn’t a magic that is successfully invoked already consumed the necessary Magical Power??

My mind suddenly goes blank and at that time I can hear Smith-sensei saying “Sorry about this”, and then I lost my consciousness.



When I came to I’m still in the Magic Lab, and I can see Smight-sensei’s face was looking down at me. Seems like I was fainted not for too long. Somehow the back of my neck hurts.

Did I get hit with a hand chop?

The Magic Lab’s barrier somehow endured the Tornado, it must be the result of the teachers hard work. Smith-sensei lifted and held my upper-half body from the ground.


“Etto, ano. I am very sorry for troubling you.”

“No, it was me who made you faint. I’m sorry.”


Smith-sensei helped me to stand up. And there I saw Ron-sensei and Edi-sensei who were in completely exhausted state sitting down on a place that slightly far away.


“Are the teachers okay?”

“Though there is a barrier they might had used too much magic power, it’s okay.”

“The confirmation is already done so, may I return now?”

“N, Aa. It’s okay, but…. Please don’t use that magic again. Until the 2nd years season starts just stick with the basic magic if you want to practice.”


While giving me an advice, Smith-sensei pat my head. The Skinship felt really over-familiar but because he is not a bad person, it’s not unpleasant.


“Excuse me”


After I said that I returned to the dorm.

It was already evening when I left the academy, I felt like there will be a sermon waiting for me so I quickly returned to the dorm.


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  1. Be cautions of the use of “was” and “ed”
    >Smight-sensei was smile widely while reply. >> Smight-sensei smiled widely at my reply.

    >After a while Ron-sensei and Edi-sensei are return.>> After a while Ron-sensei and Edi-sensei returned.

    >“O windstorm shallow everything, Waterspout!”>> swallow (it sounds similar but is different, swallow = eat/engulf, while shallow = low/little depth). This one is seen many times.

    >Am I got hit with a sword’s handle?>> Did I get hit…..

    English is not my native language either. I learned from manga and novels.

    I wonder if the teachers will impose themselves on her home to teach her the basic of magic control…..
    Thanks for the chapter~!

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  2. Thanx for the chapter.
    This mc is really dumb lol seems like she can’t use her brain really well. Like she creates chaos out here and just stand there without doing anything…


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