Chapter 3 Magic Practice’s Room


Though it was good to reject Gilbert’s confession and leave that place immediately, when I think about it again it is strange for Gilbert himself to come and confess to me. It’s not like people can be married at the same date just with mutual consent like in Japan, a Noble man and lady had a different Lineage and Peerage.

Something might happen when I return home. I can’t do anything about this so for now let’s postpone it for later.


I borrowed a key for a Magic Practice Room from a teacher inside the academy, and head for room number 2.

The Magic Practice Room is a personal training room, it’s like a Karaoke Box’s room with listed number and can be used immediately if there’s a reservation for it. Of course there is another room for practicing magic, but that room is more like a gymnasium.


The Practice Room size is similar to a school classroom’s size in Japan, the ceiling is not very high though.  It seems like there are a few magic barriers inside the room to prevent magic from going through the room. Sometimes when the barriers break, students are allowed to continue practicing magic at an unused room while waiting for the barriers to be repaired.

Well, let’s begin with some magic practice! An amazing fantasy life is awaiting me if I can use magic!!

First, let’s try the basic fire magic. Equipped with a long cane, I pointed it toward the target and begin an aria from the textbook.


“O roaring flames burn everything, Fire!”


A pillar of fire went up for 3 meters with bof sound effects.


“Hot!! Or rather, the magic invoked?! Uhahahaha! I did it~~~~~~~~!!”


I assumed a guts pose with a loud voice unintentionally. Thanks to the barrier no one heard me, safe~! Even though I look like this I am a Noble Lady, I have to pay attention around me.

After Fire I tried Wind, Water, Earth, Light and Darkness. Everything was invoked smoothly. I became a magician! Uhehehe~.

I was so happy that I couldn’t stop grinning, nobody saw it so it is safe!


Incidentally it seems like the aria can be anything, it is also possible to invoke magic without an aria if the mental image is clear. It is quite amusing with an aria, but if talking about convenience, no aria is more convenient.

This world had a power to turn an image into magic, and it is also possible to create a magic guide book about not using an aria! If it’s like this, there are no other choices aside from trying it out!


The image is Tornado. The tornado is like in some tornado hunter’s TV channel I saw before, and I tried to recall some aria that matches with it.


“O windstorm swallow everything, Tornado!”


I chant the aria in Japanese because I was more accustomed to it, and the image is easier too.


Together with the rumbling ground the wind vortex slowly took the shape of a tornado, the target that is already tattered got blown away, and the tornado steadily got bigger. Even the Practice Room’s ceiling can’t hold it, that power can’t be stopped.


“A, are~…. isn’t it really dangerous!?”




I started to heard some dangerous sounds inside the room, and cracks started to appear on the barrier.

While I was thinking about a way to cancel the magic, the tornado broke through the barrier and I was blown away to a wall by the shockwave.

Fortunately I didn’t lose consciousness, although breathing became painful because of the impact. I just lie down and wait for my body to recover, I heard several footsteps at the corridor of people running this way. The footsteps stopped at the door

“We’re going in!!”

And then the door was opened.


“!! Oi! Are you okay!?”

“It’s only you who’s here right?”

“… The barrier… is gone.”


I only replied “I’m okay” while being helped to stand up. These 3 who quickly came and helped me are the teachers who work here.


“I am sorry, it seems like I have troubled you.”


I was clearly the culprit here, let’s honestly apologize. I stood up and bow my head slowly.


“No, it’s okay… But what just happened here? The room is already tattered like this…”


The teacher who called me while supporting me to stand up is a Sword Technique Instructor, Smith-sensei. As expected from an ex-Knight, he has a Gori-Macho like body and has a really thin dark-brown hair with blue eyes, his mustache was like a dandy oji-sama’s.


“Well, I only practiced magic here…”


I got a little angry and almost let my thoughts slip out there.


“You see, a normal magic won’t be able to break the barrier. What kind of magic did you use?”


The one who asked me a question is a teacher who is responsible in Magic Practical Skill A, Ron-sensei. His blond hair’s length reaches until his back and he has emerald coloured eyes, and most of all he is a super handsome man who even makes Hollywood’s actors pale in comparison and is top ranked in the academy’s popularity contest. However, He is an Oni while in class.

He was an object of fear to me, who can’t use magic.


“It is a wind magic.”


I spoke about the magic’s attribute while maintaining my manners as a Lady. Well in this Kingdom there aren’t any tornado disasters, and a book about weather didn’t have anything written about it too, because it’s still unclear if this world can bring forth tornadoes I can only answer honestly.


“What “kind” of Wind magic?”


Ron-sensei spoke politely but, his curiosity has a great emphasis there. What kind of answer should I give, I don’t know. Honestly answer that I created a tornado would only make this more troublesome so, rejected!

I shut my mouth and look downward. In this situation, only this is the best thing I can do.


“… For now, how about… moving to… the Counseling Room first?”


In this situation the one who threw the lifeboat is a teacher who’s in charge of Magic Potion, Edi-sensei. His haircut is exactly like a Mushroom where his bangs covered his eyes completely and he’s wearing a worn-out black robe. In my delusion I was sure he is an Ikemen without his bangs.


The other teachers approved Edi-sensei’s suggestion and we started to head to the Counseling Room. It’s the beginning of an interrogation.


How can it go like this.


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22 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Magic Practice’s Room

    1. Or she could just simply say “I was able to use magic after was pushed and hit my head”. In the first place, it’s not like she never had magic power. And, after all, she was able to use magic after that event.

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  1. ちょっとテンパってたので思わず素が出た

    I got a little angry and almost let my thoughts slip out there.

    ちょっとテンパってた is pretty much I got a bit angry or a little angry.

    The 素 is translated to source, but it means intentions or true thoughts that people usually keep to themselves.

    ので思わず素が出た is ‘so I almost slipped up myself’ as in revealing what her intentions or what she was thinking.

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  2. So it seems she gonna go for cools adult instead and left those her age to the heroine. Then if their harem ever clashes, our MC harem would overwhelm them since they are all those people teachers.



    New villainess story?! Count me in!!

    Thank you for translating so far!! Seems like she’ll have a teacher harem, hm…

    Wonder what’s up with Gilbert though. Goes from overprotective dog of heroine to “hey lets get married.”


  4. I wonder if her inability to use magic before came from the fact she didn’t have much imagination and couldn’t even focus on the image of someone else’s magic, but after remembering her past otaku life it became easier…
    Since the magic teacher is there he will surely ask about it and she will answer like something about hitting her head and then becoming able to do magic…..

    And who needs some brat that still reeks of milk? Go for mature man!
    Thanks for the chapter!


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