Chapter 2 Academy’s Infirmary Room

Emil woke up after she passed out for two days.

“E-Emil-sama!!!! Are you okay? Is there something you want!? Aren’t you thirsty? Aa, have to call the doctor! I’m going out for a second! Please don’t move okay? Got it!?”

    Emil’s personal attendant Cecillia started to speak sentences in quick succession, after Emil gave a nod she went out of the room with amazing speed.

Though there aren’t any problems with her head, memories about her previous life in Japan needed two days to be recalled through a dream.


    Unknown ceiling…. Tte, isn’t that joke already too old?

Hmm… it’s quite hazy but, my memories in this life and from my previous life seems to have merged together completely. It’s not like the me until now has gone, is it right to call it “I have just remember it”?

Maa, cheers for the new “Me” I guess.

    Let’s reviews my memory here.

The me in my previous life was living in Japan on Earth. Born and raised in a humble household, an anime otaku and slightly fujoshi. Of course I loved manga and light novels too. Perhaps because I died or something I was reborn here as a noble’s daughter in a Middle Age-ish Fantasy world with swords and magic. I was somewhat of a hikikomori and quite shy with others, and got rolled in a shoujo game Villainess’ Conviction Event after being enrolled for 1 year.

When thinking about that, Cecillia return like how she went out before.

Is the door okay?…

“Emil-sama! I have called the doctor. Aa, want to drink the water? Here you go!”

Cecillia lifted my back slowly and helped me to drink the water. I’m revived!

“Thank you, Cecillia.”

When I thank her, Cecillia hugged me and cried.

Oi, you are heavy you know.

“Look, Jou-chan feels heavy there. If you are glad then how about getting away a little?”

Someone tapped on Cecillia’s shoulder and adviced her.

There was an old man in white robes who is around 60 years old, he took a chair and sat right beside the bed.

He must be the doctor, I don’t know him though.

30 minutes has been passed after I received the medical checkups, and then I returned to my room at the dorm.

Because the end of year party already ended, almost all the students were returning home or travelling so there were only a few students who had some circumstances that stayed at the academy.

Ugugu~, I too have some circumstances huh. It’s not my fault though!

    There were 3 letters on the desk when I returned to the dorm, according to Cecillia these letters were sent by the Conviction Event’s participants. “Better to throw them away!”, Cecillia foolishly suggested to me.

Even though she’s the oldest one here, because of her lovely appearance I pinched her cheek and played with it. It’s really calming.

Girls are really great!

There are 3 letters except one from Gilbert, from The Prince and Shota Magician

“Sorry for doubting you and jumping to the wrong conclusion, tehepero. Is your injury okay?”

That was what written courteously there.

And from the Heroine-chan, Risty

“I have troubled you because of my clumsiness, I’m sorry. I talked to them to clear up the misunderstanding but they didn’t believe me, so they thought that the weak me got bullied. It is really a sin to be blessed with beauty right . I’m really sorry “.

That what was written there… as it is. Next time let’s call her Bitch-chan.

Incidentally, this world is not a Shoujo Game’s world so I don’t think there is a Heroine’s Correction.

    By the way, The offender who was a Knight’s son and also the one who pushed me to the tree didn’t say anything ne~. He seems to be really attached to Bitch-chan and doesn’t want to apologize to me. Thanks to that I remembered my memories from my previous life, so that’s okay. But the truth is that I am quite angry. What kind of Knight rises his hand against a woman! I think it’s better to let him get a scolding from his parents.


    Oops, Cecillia looked at me with anxiety while I was reading the letters. She was the one who took care of me until I woke up. I still remember it, when I was in a trance at that time she always greeted me and talked to me when she took care of me. From others point of view it’s like an employer and employee, but to me she is like family! The me until now always took some distance from her so I can’t say it.

“N, It’s okay Cecillia. Even though I just woke up I’m already tired. I want to have a rest today.”

“Yes, Emil-sama. I will make the preparations right away.”

    Seems like I fell asleep when Cecillia was done changing my clothes and cleaning the bed.

    It was already morning when I woke up and Cecillia was packing my luggage into a trunk.

“Good morning Cecillia. What are you doing?”

“Good morning Emil-sama! This is an arrangement for returning home. I’m going to prepare breakfast right now.”

    And like that Cecillia went out of the room. Tte, returning home? Ee, I don’t wanna go home….

I have some questions, isn’t it bad if the me who has recollections of my previous life got found out? And after that got brought to a Mental Hospital, and some suspicious doctors do something strange to me?

Besides, I’m not very good with my father George and my eldest brother Sieg at home. If the trouble from academy got found out I don’t know what my eldest brother is going to say to me. Just thinking about that make my stomach hurt. In the first place that was a false accusation!

    Father has dark-blue hair with an all-back hairstyle, sharp purple eyes and a mustache, his appearance was like a dandy oji-sama mafia boss, however because of his reticence I don’t know what he’s thinking at all. I never saw him laugh, I even thought that I never reflected in my father’s eyes. I can’t say it just because I never saw him showing any emotion, but his noh-mask like face was seriously 1000% scary.

My brother Sieg has the same hair color as my father and light blue eyes like my mother, his appearance is like an Intellectual Ikemen and it seems like he is good at using the sword too. He doesn’t really like me, he always compared me to my older sister who is as beautiful as my mother at every opportunity. He was married 7 years ago and now he should be studying at a territory that my father was once managing.

    Cecillia continued preparing my preparations to return home when I finished my breakfast.

Because I have some free time I decided to go to the academy’s magic training room.

Of course it’s for magic practice. It’s seriously a joke that I have magical power but can’t use magic at all in this Fantasy world!

I will never give up!!!

    After going out of the dorm, there was the Knight’s son Gilbert sitting on a sofa at the entrance. I don’t want anything to do with him, so I tried to ignore him, but as expected he called out to me.

“Miss Vorst, do you have some time?”

“I have something to do right now. I am in a hurry so please leave it for another time.”

    Gilbert was frowning while talking to me. You don’t need to push yourself like that you know, but I refuse!


He said that and caught my wrist.

What’s with him. Seriously annoying.

“I understand. I am listening right now so can you release my hand?”

“…….. ry”

“Ee, what did you said? I can’t hear you.”

My hand was released, but I really can’t hear what he is saying.

Say it clearly.

“….. Sorry.”

“Is that about the injury when I was pushed to the tree? Or about grabbing my wrist?”

“…….. Both.”

“I forgive them.”

“E? Ha??”

    He came to apologize so I forgave him and he was surprised.

What’s with this kid? Is he stupid? Because it can’t be helped I’ll say it once again.

“About the injury you caused to me when you pushed me, and about you grabbing my wrist I forgave them. There are no after effects on my injury too, it was a trivial accident so Grouge-sama does not need to apologize. For me an apology is already more than enough.”

“Wa-Wait a second. I want to take responsibility….. for that is….. ma….. marriage…. I think…”

“I refuse. Excuse me.”

    I somewhat didn’t understand what is he said so I refused it with everything I had. While showing etiquette as a lady I ran away from the dorm.

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26 thoughts on “Chapter 2 Academy’s Infirmary Room

    1. here is my guess for how this train of thought came to be:
      false accuse & injure >bitch-chan lied> Emil’s reputation is damaged already >he doesn’t love bitch-chan anymore >Emil’s injury and bad rep might keep marriage candidates away >take responsibility for “ruining” her chance for marriage


  1. thx for the chapter o/
    i got a few grammar mistakes here and there, hope you get an editor soon, i myself have english as a second language


      1. Ah, yes. That’s what I meant. My wording was a bit poor, I need my own personal editor for my comments. There are not many editors, I’m lucky to know a few but convincing them to work on something is a completely different matter.


  2. That bitch-chan…….
    That Gil guy, to think that responsibility = marriage….. seems like that in the end he didn’t think highly of bitch to go and propose to a girl so easily…. though he was rejected, he seems like one of those anoying stalker character that will go and pester the mc until she says yes or she get with someone else….
    And as for why guys didn’t go after is probably because of the followers’ barrier…… though, now it will probably be her own barrier……

    Thanks for the chapters~!


  3. For now, I’m going to hope that Gilbert is just an idiot as opposed to malicious. The prince and heroine on the other hand…well, they certainly deserve each other. Thank goodness the prince isn’t the heir.


  4. thanks a lot!
    ohoh! lol, interesting sounding character, really! well, they have apologised, at least.
    Grouge?! Grou—ge?! marriage?! really?! cute! i like that Emil is pretty chill!


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