Chapter 1 Under the Tree of Truth

There is an academy in Heinz Kingdom’s Royal Capital, it is a place that people with magical power must attend, Heinz Academy, an academy with a dormitories system.

Because people who possess magic power and can use magic are very valuable in this world, one must go to this school for the relations of management upbringing from when you are 12 years old until you are 15 years old with the exception of the old ones regardless of social status if the magical power had more than a fixed quantity.

Even without social status, commoners have extremely little magical power compared to the students who were sons or daughters of a noble because of hereditary relations.


    The Count’s daughter Emil Vorst 13 years old, is participating in an end of year party for first-year students. She has hair with bangs that are cut right at the eyebrows, with dark blue hair dangling on both sides of her face, with a length that reaches until her waist and tied in a ponytail. Big purple eyes that slant upward which gave a neat air, a straight nose ridge and small lips, Emil evaluated her appearance as superior.

    Emil has been a wallflower since the party started.

Judging from Emil’s social status as a Count’s daughter, it’s not strange if some male students try to talk to her to create a connection with this opportunity, but there’s a bad rumor about Emil that has spread among the male students which made them unwilling to get involved with her.

    “Is the party going to end?”, Emil looked around the party hall where the amount of people started to decrease and took a look at a clock.

    “15 more minutes until the promised time. I have to leave now if I’m walking from here to the meeting place.”

Emil put down the glass she held and left the party.

    A party for students is allowed, it’s a custom to start it in the afternoon and to end it before evening. When Emil wore a coat and left, the sun already set and it became dimmer outside. At the top of the small hill in the school ground there’s a big tree that is over 100 years old, the students called it <Tree of Truth> and used it as a place for love confession or a place to have a discussion. When there’s falsehood in anything a black leaf seems to fall from the tree. It’s one of the urban legends the students believe and it has been spread from senpai to kouhai until now.

    With a mix of anticipation and anxiety, Emil arrived below the <Tree of Truth> and looked up at the tree. 10 days ago, Emil received a letter from an unknown sender 「Please come to Tree of Truth when the party ends at 18:00. 」

    Because of shyness, Emil didn’t have any male friends. On the contrary, Emil’s followers guarded her from male students trying to talk to her. It’s not a problem that needs to be discussed, so Emil only think this is about a love confession. Emil felt her face becoming red because of the development that resembles a fairy tale.

“You came, Miss Vorst?”

    Emil turned around to a man who called her family name. There she saw three male students, and a female student behind them.  They are all famous figures within the academy, on the left is a son of a Knight Duke, Gilbert Grouge. Short pointy red hair and sharp blue eyes, a tall figure with solid build, a Knight Apprentice. He was glaring at Emil.

In the middle is Heinz Kingdom’s Third Prince, Khais Louvis Heinz. Short silky blond hair and jade eyes, he was like a prince from a picture book, but now there is a strong pressure being emitted from him.

On the right is the youngest First Class Magician, Christopher Rozen. Straight light blue hair that cut right around his shoulder with big golden eyes. His age is comparatively younger but in his hand he was grasping a wand to use magic.

And the girl behind the Prince is a commoner that attracts a lot attention because of her ability as a light magic user, Risty Siltat. Pink-brown wavy hair reached to her shoulder and light blue eyes, She held onto Khais’s sleeve with troubled expression.

Emil started to grasp the situation and asked them.

“To call me to a place like this, just what kind of business did you all have with me?”

The situation was contrary to her delusion, she sighed.

“Wha-!! What kind of business you said!!”

“Gilbert, can you leave this to me?”

Gilbert who suddenly got worked up nearly went to grab Emil, but Khais stepped forward and stopped him.

“Miss Vorst, we called you because we want to hear the truth from you. About the despicable deed you did to Risty.”

Khais said that in calm manner, but his expression was firm and he looked at Emil.

On the other hand, Emil, who didn’t know anything about this despicable deed, was tilting her head.

“Your Highness Heinz, even if you said despicable deed, I do not know anything about it. In the first place, Siltat-sama and I are in a different class and we never had any conversation before.”

“Are you planning to feign ignorance? Gilbert saw it when Risty tried to give you a cake and you pushed her down and trampled the cake on the ground, Christopher heard too about your followers when they were bad mouthing Risty, when Risty were covered in garbage I saw you were around her. In addition I heard Risty got harassed by you. I want to clearly hear the truth under this Tree of Truth!”

    Emil tried to recall her memory. Certainly during this 1 year there was a female student who fell and was covered in mud, and covered in garbage too. But, Emil didn’t know if that female student was Risty. A commoner who can use light magic Risty Shiltat, Emil only knew about that much but she never had any interest in Risty’s appearance.

“…. Your Highness Heinz, certainly there is a female student who fell down near me. But I did not do anything about that.”

“Ha!!? When I went to help Risty, only you were around! It was clearly you who used magic to make her fall!!”

“Grouge-sama, you knew that I cannot use magic, and said that I used magic?”

Gilbert was worked up at Emil’s reply, but Emil still told them she can’t use magic with self-mockery.

“…. There’s a magical power… but can’t use magic….”

Christopher who was silent until now muttered.  Emil enrolled in this academy because she had magical power, but can’t use magic.

“It is as Rozen-sama says. I was allowed to enroll in this academy because I have magical power. And, there is a conversation about alumni who were commoners with my friends, but I never met those commoners face to face. And there is a time when I told some commoner to stop eating while walking too, but I do not know who it was I spoke to.”

    The three male students had a bad expression, and Risty’s face slowly paled.

“Aa, she tried to make me look like a bad guy. I do not have time to play along with this worthless farce anyway so let’s end it here.”

Emil slowly walked to Risty.

“Siltat-sama, did I truly do something to you?”

Emil steadily walked to Risty. Surprised, Risty’s shoulder started to trembled.

“Don’t get close to Risty!!!”



With a voice that was louder than before, Gilbert pushed Emil’s shoulder before Khais could stop him. As a Count’s daughter, Emil has received some training in swordsmanship and martial arts but because of her high-heeled shoes, she lost her balance and while falling she hit the tree with the back of her head and lost consciousness.

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Under the Tree of Truth

  1. Sounds like theyre a pack of shits for assuming she was responsible, she just happened to be there so therefore she did it, that stupid cow Risty falls over and its her fault, yea I want them to get whats coming assuming the worst and falsely accusing her of wrong doing.

    Similar to Dukes Daughter accept she did bully but perhaps not too the extent that was made out, interesting story so far, I hope u continue to translate 😀 TYVM!


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