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First blog post

Hello guys, guess this will be my first post.

I’m planning to translate some Japanese WN that dropped or recommended from anyone, been searched in reddit, myanimelist and ncode but still found nothing.

If you knew some good or dropped WN, please comment below.

11 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. O yeah, maybe you will find that story translated in the novel update which was updated at 08/ 09/ 2016 but if you open the last chapter and see in the date for the first comment about the last chapter, it was at November 30, 2015 . Thank you for your attention


  2. try to look at this: -The Bride of the Serpent Prince /腹黑蛇殿斗萌妃 /Fu Hei She Dian Dou Meng Fei.(stoped at chapter 12)
    -Umi to Kaze no Oukoku / Kingdom of Sea and Wind If I were to be Reincarnated I’ll be Popular?/
    Tensei Shitara Motemote ni / 海と風の王国  転生したらモテモテに? (stoped at vol 2 chapter 5)
    -The Great Nation Remodeling of Reincarnated Princess ~Let’s Build an Unrivaled Country~ / Great Nation Remodeling of a Reincarnated Princess / Reincarnated Princess / Tensei Oujo no Kokka Dai Kaizou ~ Muteki na Kuni wo Tsukurimashou / 転生王女の国家大改造 ~無敵な国を作りましょう~ (stoped at chapter 4 )
    -At the Northern Fort / Kita no Toride Nite / 北の砦にて (stoped at chapter 5 )
    I put al the name related that apeared in novelupdates , I hope some or al of them catch your atention well this is only similar tipe of novel at least the impresion.


      1. thanks you very much but to tell the true I didn´t look if it was Japanese or Chinese because I take more interest in the tale that in the original language so if you see that you can´t do and at some moment you find who could do it please remember telling about this novels if you remember of course. And again thanks for cheking them out.( sorry for my bad writing english )


  3. Just now I read the chapter of : The Duke’s Daughter Is the Knight Captain’s (62) Young Wife / 公爵令嬢は騎士団長(62)の幼妻 .I look at novelupdated and it say web noel an languaje japanese and the tale is also interesting and https://mojotranslations.com/2016/05/29/dukes-daughter-knight-captain/ say taht its waiting for someone to take the novel to translate ,well if I find some oder novel I look if its japanese and tell you the rest will depend of your desition ( decision)


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